Anita Mansfield, a folk rock singer songwriter from Co. Waterford, Ireland found success when she moved from Boston in 2008 and hit the Los Angeles music scene where she formed the Celtic Rock band ANITA AND THE YANKS who built a loyal and fiery fan base, playing a slew of iconic venues, pubs festivals and sessions including The Big Irish Fair LA, The Seaside Highland Games, The Roxy, The Brixton, The Queen Mary and Casey’s to name a few in and around the greater Los Angeles area.


In 2013, with a loyal following and inspired by the strength of Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries, Alanis Morissette and Heart, Anita chose to focus on her original music. Bravely, putting ANITA AND THE YANKS aside she formed a new project, THE MANSFIELD BAND in 2013. All original songs driven by Anita’s vocals, melody and lyrics.


Playing many venues like Molly Malones, Little Bar and Muldoons in the Hollywood music scene Anita was finally letting HER music out.   


Then in 2016 with her true love and ready for a change of scenery Anita relocated to the East coast and to the lovely town of Newport, RI. Her first Newport show was at The NIMFest Concert Series in Kings Park in June 2017 and she is excited to continue bringing her music to Newport and beyond.

Anita continues to write music from her heart and with her haunting Celtic lilt and wide vocal range she touches the souls of many. She is currently playing, writing and recording for an album to be released Fall 2019.


Musical highlights include:

  • The release of her all original album GOOD RUN in 2016 with THE MANSFIELD BAND.

  • Singing and composing the track ‘Wild Stag of Ireland” for composer Jack Lancaster’s ‘CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS’ featuring Phil Collins.

  • The release of her debut Album ‘FACE THE WIND’ in 2011 with ANITA AND THE YANKS.

  • Touring Ireland in support of THE YOUNG DUBLINERS in 2009 and 2011.

  • And of course, playing with some of the most talented and amazing musicians in LA and the World.​​​​​​​



What They’re Saying:
They rock traditionals such as “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair,” but Mansfield writes most of their midtempo pop. The arrangements and instrumentation (mandolin, violin, percussion, harmonies) give the material a Celtic feel, while her bright soprano and vocal fillips sometimes recall Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan, though Mansfield’s tone is fuller."  -Pasadena Weekly
“The striking, red-headed Mansfield immediately grabs you with her gentle confidence and formidable playing” - "I was just transfixed by the energy of the band." -Terry Miller
“…The material ranges from the traditional to upbeat pop, carried by Mansfield’s sparkling vocals." - John Sollenberger

“A Novel Experience in Irish Rock”  - Pasadena Independent

A Novel Experience in Irish Rock  -Pasadena Independent
"With their unique blend of contemporary and traditional Irish influenced melodies, the music transcends those boundaries and reaches even the casual observer. The striking, red-headed Mansfield immediately grabs you with her gentle confidence and formidable playing – albeit with beautiful Martin six string. Mansfield’s music effortlessly melted into the collective consciousness of the crowd at Novel Café and transported at least one listener to another, perhaps simpler time."





Anita Mansfield: Songwriter, Lead vocals, Guitar

Damon Stout: Bass guitar, Vocals

Chuck van Haecke: Drums