Coming onto the scene in 2008, ‘Anita and the Yanks’ built a loyal and fiery fan base in the Celtic music world. With a debut album FACE THE WIND, a slew of U.S. Festivals and touring in support of THE YOUNG DUBLINERS through Ireland. This band, driven by Anita Mansfield’s bright and impetuous vocals was gaining traction. This however was not enough, was not the direction of Mansfield’s voice and refrain was no longer an option from the need to make her original songs the focus. After a short letup to the Irish countryside the work began again. Joined and invigorated by original ‘AY’ member, Berklee College of Music Alum and two time local Emmy Award winner Damon Stout on Bass and the man who keeps everyone grounded with an obsession for time and a penchant for space and dynamics, drummer Chuck Van Haecke.
Assured that original and new fans alike will connect with the Celtic roots and upbeat pop of the original tracks while mixing in some of their favorite variations on traditional tunes, THE MANSFIELD BAND takes to the stage and recording studio to boldly give you their energy and heart.



What They’re Saying:
They rock traditionals such as “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair,” but Mansfield writes most of their midtempo pop. The arrangements and instrumentation (mandolin, violin, percussion, harmonies) give the material a Celtic feel, while her bright soprano and vocal fillips sometimes recall Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan, though Mansfield’s tone is fuller."  -Pasadena Weekly
“The striking, red-headed Mansfield immediately grabs you with her gentle confidence and formidable playing” - "I was just transfixed by the energy of the band." -Terry Miller
“…The material ranges from the traditional to upbeat pop, carried by Mansfield’s sparkling vocals." - John Sollenberger

“A Novel Experience in Irish Rock”  - Pasadena Independent

A Novel Experience in Irish Rock  -Pasadena Independent
"With their unique blend of contemporary and traditional Irish influenced melodies, the music transcends those boundaries and reaches even the casual observer. The striking, red-headed Mansfield immediately grabs you with her gentle confidence and formidable playing – albeit with beautiful Martin six string. Mansfield’s music effortlessly melted into the collective consciousness of the crowd at Novel Café and transported at least one listener to another, perhaps simpler time."





Anita Mansfield: Songwriter, Lead vocals, Guitar

Damon Stout: Bass guitar, Vocals

Chuck van Haecke: Drums